Printmade Apparel Co.


We offer waterbased screen printing and t-shirt printing for the Methow Valley, WA, Leavenworth, WA, Wenatchee, WA and beyond. We specialize is custom tees, custom hats, and quality shirts. We serve clients from Bellingham, WA to Seattle, WA to Spokane, WA and beyond.


About Us

Printmade Apparel Company is an artist-run print shop and design studio serving clients across the state of Washington (and beyond). From our home in the North Cascades, we create custom shirts, headwear, and printed goods with a focus on the retail needs of each unique client. We create value for our customers by going the extra mile on design, apparel selection, and sustainability. We are proud to work with many amazing businesses and groups. The most satisfying part of our job is seeing our clients grow and succeed through the power of art, ink, and thread.

...excellent work and have amazing attention to detail. Not to mention the design chops to create retail that sells itself. Would not consider using another shop.
— Dave, North Cascade Heli

What we do (short version):

  • Design, Identity & Merchandising

  • Screenprinting (eco-friendly & waterbased)

  • Embroidery

  • Patches & Labels

  • Custom Sew

  • Web Stores (making youth athletics and group sales effective and easy!)

  • Brand & Retail Consultation

Creative, attentive to detail, on point as far as style, such a quick turn around and honestly just straight rad! Stuff is flying off our shelves!
— Heather, Chelan Valley Crossfit

How we do it (long version):

We are known for outstanding design, soft prints, and relationship-based client care. Our clients rate us very highly (with a perfect 5.0 feedback score on Facebook!). We are lucky to work with many incredible businesses, groups, and wide-eyed dreamers.

It doesn't take long to notice that we are passionate about our craft. We bring fresh eyes, energy, and creativity to every project we get our inky hands on. We love what we do and we are proud of how we do it. We run what we believe to be the best equipment available, allowing us to chase print perfection on orders ranging from 12 to 20,000 pieces. For a full breakdown of our services click here.

We help our clients get retail-ready. We've tailored our business to help other small businesses, events, and groups grow and succeed through the power of art, ink, and thread. We go beyond 'slap a logo on it' thinking and create outstanding, fashionable and high-quality apparel. We believe the most valuable asset we offer is that we create goods that SELL - we've seen real growth with our customers apparel programs and it's incredibly exciting. 

We've based our process on non-toxic & eco-friendly practices. From the inks we use, to our choices for preparation and cleaning, to our awesome filtration system - everything we do is focused on making the smallest impact possible. Sustainability is a deep motivator for us as we evolve our shop and processes.

Hand in hand with this is our goal to push like minded shirt and apparel brands that are using recycled and sustainable fabrics in their garments, consuming less water from crop to cut, and creating good paying jobs for workers in the US and abroad.  Check out our Sustainability page to learn more about how your business, group, or event can make a real impact!

We deliver incredible value. We define value as the combination of great quality, great service, and fair pricing. We are not a cheap, slap-a-logo-on-it printshop. We are a high-touch print shop focused on craft and our relationships with our clients. We deliver excellent apparel and the common outcome is increased brand energy, increased sales and profitability, and apparel that better aligns to our clients' brand stories.

Bryan and his crew are awesome- quick response and such high quality! We use them for all of our Outward Bound staff branded apparel. It’s so great to have a local company that we love.
— Erika, Outward Bound NW

Our Mission:

We believe shirts and hats are simple, powerful objects.

They quietly impact and evolve our world everyday.

We view every project as an opportunity to make small, deliberate changes to our world. Each project is an opportunity: to help a small business grow, to give a gift to their fans and customers, to outfit and inspire young athletes, to send a message, to mark a festival or event in history, to raise awareness and funds, or - most simply and most importantly - to make some person out there feel great about themselves.

Art. Ink. Thread. It's the small things that make the biggest impact.