Printmade Apparel Co.


A sustainable craft.

1. Nontoxic focus. Kermit the Frog’s “It ain’t easy being green” gets repeated a lot in our industry. But the fact is, that’s just not our experience. I come from a background of Nontoxic Printmaking which taught me that there are better, safer approaches to print than the old standards. In fact, the citrus based solvents and proper practices make the experience of making more satisfying (and they smell goooood). We’ve built our commercial screen printing shop around this approach and ethos. Sorry, Kermit. Being green ain’t that hard after all.

2. 100% Water based. We run an exclusively water based printshop for many reasons including safety, environmental impact, print quality, and plain ol’ preference. While plastisol inks are getting safer, water based inks require very little in terms of cleaners and solvents and most importantly, keep the air clean. We also find these to be the best print option for wearable apparel in most cases. They are breathable (no sweaty chest plates here!), they are soft (like a rabbit’s bum), and they age very well and don’t tend to split or crack like those plastic inks do.

3. Sustainable Garment Options. The changes that we see being made to the fashion industry are really exciting. We now carry a handful of brands that are making recycled and/or sustainable apparel - and making it darn well! And this doesn’t include what I call the 5% juice brands either (brands who toss in a nominal amount of recycled/reused material to label something ‘eco’). Take Allmade for example - their triblend tees are beautifully cut, incredibly soft, and a great value. Oh, and I should also mention that they’re made with 50% recycled waterbottles, 25% organic cotton, and 25% modal (highly sustainable Beech wood). We’ve made it our mission to get to selling 50% sustainable garments over the next 5 years. This doesn’t happen alone so please check them out!

4. Citrus & Filtration: a love story. What really makes a shop eco-friendly are the practices they have in place for safety, cleaning, stencil-making, and the shop environment. We’ve built a wonderful space to work in. We use only citrus or soy based cleaners and solvents in our shop. We filter everything down to teeny-tiny bits so we know that the water we use is still ‘water’ on it’s way out. And we have a shop with plenty of light and a great HVAC and fan systems that keep the air fresher than Will Smith in the 90s.

5. Recycling. We re-use first and recycle second. It's awesome.