Printmade Apparel Co.




We put art on fabric. We use ink, screens, and 5-gallon drums of knowledge and experience to do it. 

We run a green printshop. What does that mean to us? It means creating a space where our team can work their inky magic without gnarly solvents or harsh chemicals. We choose products and processes that keep our waste low, our bodies healthy, and our prints crisp!

We use waterbased inks ONLY.* Why? Two main reasons - one is that these inks require no solvents to clean, allowing us to keep a nontoxic studio. The other reason is that these inks provide ultimate softness and breathability. What this adds up to are retail-quality prints that are safe for the printer and the wearer: no toxins, no scratchy, plastic prints. 

We get you retail ready. Our motto since the beginning. We make apparel that is equivalent to or better than what you'd expect on the shelves of your favorite store. Learn more.

*We are currently testing a nontoxic, soy-based plastisol ink.