Printmade Apparel Co.

Retail Ready

We serve Spokane, WA to Seattle, WA small businesses with quality custom apparel, screenprinting, and embroidery. We focus on modern graphic design and soft prints on soft shirts. We excel at tourism shirts and Leavenworth, WA businesses. 


We get your brand Retail Ready.

That's our mission here at Printmade Apparel - creating retail quality apparel that is ready for market. By specializing in modern apparel, soft prints, incredible design, and amazing finishing services, we have set ourselves apart from standard print shops. As owners of an apparel company (complete with with an online store and a brick and mortar retail shop), we know first hand the challenges of creating, launching, and maintaining a line of branded apparel. Our goal for Printmade is to be a streamlined, end-to-end solution for your apparel needs - saving you time, energy, and money on every order.

Check out some of the ways we help get you Retail Ready!


The BEST customer service.

We are a client focused company. We communicate clearly, respond quickly, and have a lot of fun along the way. We value making long term relationships over quick sales. 

One thing that you'll notice is that we make it a point to get to know you. We learn about your needs, your customers, even your business model and goals. We aren't just being friendly either, we do it with purpose: to maximize your brand impact. We are driven to make shirts that tell your brand story, exude your company culture, and stoke your customers and fans.

Your success is our success. And success begins and ends with customer service.


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Incredible Design

Design is crucial. It is, truly, the most important aspect of any apparel project. That's why we like to say that we don't print apparel, we design it. 

We are not a 'slap a logo on it' print shop. We get to know your brand, your messaging, your clientele, and your locality/surroundings so that we can create items that will fly off your shelves while maximizing your brand messaging. Check out our Folio to see how we've helped established brands maximize their apparel lines.

Your success is our success. That's why we are vigilant about producing only fresh, exciting apparel that your customers will love.   

Online Stores

We build, host, and fulfill orders for your online store! We offer online stores FREE to all schools and nonprofit groups stocking three or more styles. No more messy paper order forms or collecting a million checks. We create a great looking store, sub-host it here on our site, and provide help and support when needed. Contact us if you are interested and we'll get your site started right away.


Education & Inspiration

We are lifelong learners here at Printmade. And we want to pass along everything we learn about apparel, retail sales, sustainability, and growing a small business to our clients. In 2018 we will begin rolling out helpful blog posts, videos, and the occasional newsletter to share what we are learning and to inspire your brand. 

In addition, we like to send our clients inspirations and ideas specific to their brands. We like to keep in touch and help you grow your company as we grow ours.