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Patch Program


Patch Program

We LOVE hats. We also love making them. We've experimented, spitballed, and plan old WORKED to create our patch program. It's built upon our undying love of hats and our belief that quality, affordability, and small batch production can thrive together.  

Low minimums. To begin a project, our minimum is only 36 pieces. The minimum on re-orders is only 12 pieces.

Seasonal growth. We believe that ordering smaller, seasonal batches of headwear is one way small businesses can maximize their sales without drying up their cash flow. Our program allows just that. Get mesh-back truckers in the spring, wool pro-style caps in the fall, and beanies for the winter, all while keeping your margins high!

Tons of options. From embossed leather to woven patches, beanies to work jackets, and hem tag or embroidered finishes, we can do-it-all.