Printmade Apparel Co.




It all starts with design. Every project that we take on begins with design. Whether you have print-ready or are starting from scratch, our eyes and minds are locked in. We collaborate with our clients on tweaks to submitted artwork, print layout/placement, color selection, finishes, and other aspects because we really care about what comes off the press. Good design is the #1 factor in creating apparel that represents your brand and SELLS. We start here, every time.   

The dude behind the pen. Founder Bryan Putnam is Printmade's lead artist. His artistic background is diverse. He owes his proficiency in illustration, printmaking, graphic design, and branding to an early love of drawing and a drive to experiment and learn.

Full branding, small tweaks. We offer reasonable priced art services for just about all levels of need. Maybe you just need a little help cleaning up your artwork so it prints great. Maybe you want to re-brand your company. Or maybe you want a killer shirt illustrated for your event. We're on it.  

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Our pricing format begins with a base cost that takes into account ideation, lead-up, and initial communications made on the project. Base price is charged upfront, before work begins. Once our base time limit is met, projects are charged at a rate of $65/hr.

Brand Pack 1 - Full brand identity or rebrand. Includes 1-3 logo types. Artwork fully packaged to include all files needed for applications across web, print, and email. $500 base.

Budget Brand - Single logo, packaged for all applications. 1 revision round. $300 base.  

Custom Illustration - $50 ideation deposit plus $65/hr after first hour. Typical cost for a custom shirt design is $50-125. Intricate artworks run $200+.